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How do I become a Master Gardener in Roanoke?

Initial Training: In Roanoke, Master Gardener training is an 8-week course offered annually in the fall. Topics covered in the class include: botany, entomology, soils, propagation, fruits and vegetables, plant diseases, diagnosing plant damage, water quality, integrated pest management, and more! Gardening experience is not needed to take the class and become a Master Gardener – just an interest in horticulture and willingness to learn!  

June 14, 2018: We are now accepting applications for fall 2018 Master Gardener training class! Download application forms at the VCE-Roanoke website.

Internship: After the initial training,  new Master Gardeners work alongside their seasoned peers to complete a 50 volunteer hour internship during the next year.

Active Master Gardeners: After finishing the internship, Master Gardeners volunteer at least 20 hours each year and participate in at least 8 hours of continuing education to maintain their status.


The newest Roanoke Master Gardeners, trained in Fall 2016

For more information:

Contact Kathleen Reed, Agriculture Extension Agent, at or 540-772-7524, with any questions about the fall Master Gardener training or the Roanoke Master Gardener Program.