Miscellaneous Information

The Home Show Seminar Schedule

Friday February 4th

2:45  How to Keep an Orchid Happy & Get it to Rebloom!

Featuring Cyndy Unwin, Roanoke Master Gardener

Includes Instruction on orchid care and orchid repotting demo!

4:30  Tomatoes: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Featuring Kathy Sink, Roanoke Master Gardener

Power Point presentation on growing tomatoes, challenges of insets and diseases, tips on improving production, and keeping plants healthy.

Saturday February 5th

1:00  Shrubs You Will Love:  Vital Natives for Your Garden

Featuring Sharon Burnham, Roanoke Master Gardener

Power Point presentation on plants native to SW Virginia and their use in the home garden.

2:00  2022 All-American Selections

Presented by Clark BeCraft, The Community Arboretum at Virginia Western Community College

Introducting the 2022 All-American Selections winners!  All American Selections are nationally tested plant varieties that are exceptional due to aesthetics and proven performance in the landscape.  Winners from 2011 and 2020 will also be shown.

Sunday February 6th 

11:45  Container Gardening Basics

Featuring Tonya Judd, The Community Arboretum Virginia Western Community College

Tips on  how to be successful with container gardening.  Topics include container types, soils, care, function, and design.

1:15  Gardening with Wildflowers

Featuring Ellen Holtman, Roanoke Master Gardener

Power Point presentation on growing hardy native wildflowers for butterflies and bees.  Then save time for enjoying your garden!