Other Programs

Other Programs and Events

We have a variety of programs and events and it will be difficult to list all of them.  If you are interested in any of them, just let us know.  If you aren’t a Master Gardener yet, please visit the Join Us page to register.

Our Plant Sale!

Our plant sale happens every two years.  It literally takes a year of planning. Committees must be created for advertising, signage, setting up, cleaning up and various administrative chores.  Gardeners divide, repot, over -winter, clean, and deliver plants to the sale.  We receive 2,000 or more plants and it takes a village of Master Gardeners to make it a success.

Buchanan Garden Festival

We love having a booth at the Buchanan Garden Festival!  There is always a good crowd in a beautiful place.  Loads of people stop by to ask all sorts of gardening questions!  We have handouts for the most asked questions and if we do not know the answer immediately, we will do the research and get back to you.  

Rain Barrel Workshops

The Roanoke Master Gardeners have experts on making your own Rain Barrel.  Workshops are held several times a year all over the Roanoke Valley.  The barrels are easy to put together and they are much less expensive than a store-bought one.  You can even paint them and apply a sealer to keep the paint from peeling off!


One enthusiast’s husband is an engineer and he managed to hook three rain barrels together so they fill up each other!  As if that wasn’t enough, he lifted them up on a platform and installed a drain at the bottom so that he had a better gravity feed.  (Not to mention it would be so much easier to drain before a freeze!). 

The Home Show at the Berglund Center

Every year we participate at the Home Show at the Berglund Center in a couple of ways: a booth with various educational materials, free seeds while supplies last, and our MG members give short presentations on a variety of subjects.

We are always available for questions on plants, soils, or how to become a Master Gardener!

Earth Day

What better way to celebrate environmental protection and diversity of species than to join with others at the Earth Day Festival? Ask us how to grow a successful garden by rotation planting, companion planting and keeping your soil healthy!

Go Fest

Master Gardeners are at Go Fest with free seeds, literature, and an activity for all to join in.  Look for us in the directory and come over to join in the fun.