In partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension, Roanoke Master Gardeners have the resources and knowledge of Virginia Tech and Virginia State University behind all of our community work.

Listed below are some of our most used publications and resources. Visit for additional publications from Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable Planting Guide and Recommended Planting Dates

Vegetables Recommended for Virginia

Planning the Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Gardening in Containers

Intensive Gardening Methods

Southeastern US 2017 Vegetable Crop Handbook

Fruits for the Home Garden

Tree Fruit in the Home Garden

Small Fruit in the Home Garden

Home Fruit: Diseases and Insects

Annuals, Perennials, and Bulbs

Annuals: Culture and Maintenance

Perennials: Culture, Maintenance, and Propagation

Flowering Bulbs: Culture and Maintenance

Landscape: Design and Plants

Problem-free Shrubs for Virginia Landscapes

Problem-free Trees for Virginia Landscapes

Backyard Wildlife Habitats

Selecting Landscape Plants: Groundcovers

Selecting Landscape Plants: Flowering Trees

Selecting Landscape Plants: Shade Trees

Selecting Landscape Plants: Broad-Leaved Evergreens


A Guide to Successful Pruning: Pruning Basics and Tools

Pruning Fruit Trees

Shrub Pruning Calendar

Deciduous Tree Pruning Calendar

Evergreen Tree Pruning Calendar