Welcome to the Roanoke Master Gardeners

Welcome to the Roanoke Master Gardeners

We are a strong community of people who are happy digging in the soil or educating others.  Find out what we do!

Need a bug ID?

Need info on your garden?

Want to learn how to care for your fruit trees?

Visit the Help Desk!


Changes are coming! 

Before the end of the year there will be a Newsletter page that will be filled with hot topics that affects our local flora.  Plus the Master Gardeners are developing a program to keep you informed about Native Plants…where to purchase, how to get help, what to plant instead of a box store plant, and a list of native plants that you can refer and see what they look like as well as a bit of info on them.

Activities and Events:   See what is happening on the Calendar page for information.  They are all available to the public so come and join the fun!

Don’t forget to check out our quarterly Seasonal News There is always something new and informative to check out.

The Mountain View demonstration garden is getting a new look!  New raised beds and new classes to go along with our demonstrations.  There is going to be a series of classes so keep a watch on the Calendar for them!